Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sketchbook assignment

yayyyyyyyyyyy sketches. Realism. I need work at it. Blarghhhhsldkfjlaskjdf
I GOT A NEW SKETCHBOOK yessssssssssss. I go through them so quickly. I've already used 5 pages..... His hand has been erased, and I'm drawing burning buildings that I'll never EVER finish. Just so that you know.


I do too many, so I'll just post them all here. They're annoyingly fun to do....
very time consuming though.



I'm trying to veer away from the anime happy happy desu yes....
so semi realism done for Kihoru @ DA

It's her character

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Um yeahhhhhhhhh Soo.

Blog thingy;; this is pretty cool ^.^
Um--- for art and stuff, cause I draw 24/7 and need something to post and comment on. Yay?

My drawing computer died so the alice and wonderland drawing was lost.
oh well.
but here's like a preview of it.

I use sai, cause I'm too poor for photoshop. And the sai was free. so.....